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θεραπείες με laserThe Laser were first introduced in medicine in the early’ 90s. Their use facilitate the application of various techniques, surgical or medical, which would be difficult to implement with traditional methods, in everyday dental practice.

The word Laser is an acronym from the initials of the English words:

L : Light
A : Amplification with
S : Stimulated
E : Emission Of
R : Radiation

In Greek it means: light amplification with forced emission of radiation.

A Laser is a high-tech device that produces high power light. The energy is transferred into the mouth via an optical fiber, which helps us to treat the hard and soft tissues including gums, teeth, cavities, bones, aphthae, herpes, etc. This is not radioactive but simply amplified light.

The Laser is safe, painless and an alternative solution to conventional dentistry. It requires little or no anaesthesia and minimizes the need for wheel use in most cases.

In dental surgery we can do occlusion without wheel, injection and pain. Also, lasers are used for the treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis without pain, surgical procedures, sutures and post-surgery swelling and pain after the end of treatment. In advanced situations they can be combinationally used with classical surgery with similarly good results and excellent prediction for teeth.

In the endodontic we can kill microbes that are found inside the canals. So we avoid the creation of apical lesions and blebs. If apicoectomy should be done, it can be done using the Laser.

Dental Laser has revolutionized the field of aesthetic dentistry and implantology. We can do plastic surgery on gums to correct smile without anaesthesia, pain and bleeding. In addition it is applicable to the installation and disclosure of implants.

In the oral pathology it is used for the removal of tumors and treatment aphthae and herpes.

Finally, we can do whitening of teeth with amazing results in cases in which the other bleaches are ineffective, such as stained coffee, tobacco, red wine, tea etc. The process of whitening is done on during a single session without problems of teeth sensitivity.