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προσθετικήFully updated about available materials, techniques as well as new processes required for functional, biological and modern aesthetic restorations, we are able to answer all your questions. Reviewing and thoroughly investigating your wishes based on your oral needs, we will present to you the main treatment plan as well as alternatives which will fully cover even the most “demanding” of your wishes as well as all criteria any modern dental restoration should comply with.
We will work together seeking the best outcome.

Fixed restorations
1. Metal ceramic crowns and bridges from basic alloys with high resistance over long time periods.
These are used most commonly for the restoration of back teeth. Aesthetics range from quite good to perfect.

2. Metal ceramic crowns and bridges from precious metals.

From galvanized gold
From platinum gold
From titanium

3. All ceramic crown, bridge and sides (emprers 2(ΙΙ) και 3(ΙΙΙ), Zirconia, Alumina, Inceram)

Removable restorations

Dentures->a. Simple b. Press
Partials ->a. Attachments b. Co-precision c. Interlock from basic and precious alloys.